Are You Renting Out A Portion Of Your Home? 3 Benefits Of Using Personal Storage

Posted on: 3 December 2020

Many people are choosing to lease a portion of their home to renters as a way to defray the cost of living while also offering someone else the opportunity to live comfortably. Whether you've got a spare room to rent or an entire floor, your decision does require a few adjustments to your current lifestyle. In addition to screening for the right housemate, you may also need to figure out what to do with your excess belongings. Storage units offer you these benefits for keeping things smooth between you and your new housemates.

Open Up Space for Your Housemates

The most obvious reason to rent a unit is to make more room in your house for someone to move into. For instance, you might have been using a spare room as your storage space, but this will no longer work if someone wants to move there. While you might be able to purge some of the clutter, it is likely that there's a reason you've held onto these things. A separate storage space gives you time to go through your belongings so that you can start renting out the room faster.

Keep Valuable Items Secure

You'll likely need to carefully screen candidates who want to rent out a portion of your home, but you can never be fully sure of someone's character until you've had time to get to know them. In the first few months of renting out your space, it just makes sense to protect your valuables. Personal storage units allow you to place a lock on the door that no one else can access. You can also look for storage buildings that have security features such as cameras. You'll feel safer leaving your valuable items there where you control who has access to them.

Preserve Furniture for the Future

Some people prefer to move into an unfurnished space so that they can keep their personal belongings with them. This might mean that you need to find somewhere else to store large items such as couches and mattresses. Since you may not be sure of how long you plan to rent a part of your house out, it might make more financial sense to store these things temporarily. This way, you can easily bring your furniture back to your house if your housemate moves out. Storage units are especially ideal if you anticipate offering your future housemates the option of having their space furnished. 

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