Tips to Prepare Your Piano for a Move

Posted on: 27 September 2022

If you are moving the piano for the first time, you may have some concerns. For instance, you may wonder if it's possible to move it safely or make the process seamless. The truth is that a piano is both a fragile and heavy musical instrument, so you will need the right information to prepare and relocate it safely.

Getting professional piano movers will make the work easier. These professionals have state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to ensure the piano gets to the new destination safely. Even so, you'll need to learn how to prepare the instrument for relocation. Here are essential tips you shouldn't ignore.

Remove Items on the Piano

The first way to prepare the piano for the move is to clear all items. This may include music sheets, photos, flowers, and so on. Be sure to examine the hood area to ensure there are no loose items that could rattle while the musical instrument is on the move. All these items should be placed in one box and labeled as piano parts, so the professional movers can place the box next to the musical instrument during the move.

Familiarize Yourself with Moving Guidelines

The moving guidelines you'll need to follow will depend on the type of piano. This includes details on how to prepare and handle it during the move. It is also important to remember that the expenses will vary from one musical instrument to another, depending on factors like its size, shape, and scope of work.

If you own a baby grand piano that's known for its heavy weight, you will need proper equipment for the move. The piano may need to be disassembled, a task that requires special skills and experience from expert piano movers. A grand piano is also fragile and heavy, so assigning the task to the pros is better.

Clear the Pathways

The other task you shouldn't forget is clearing the pathways or moving routes. If there are boxes, pieces of furniture, or other forms of obstructions blocking the moving path, you will need to remove them before the movers show up. Rugs shouldn't be left behind because they can be a potential slip hazard for movers.

You can also measure the width of the pathways and doors to determine if the musical instrument will fit through. If not, you will have to find other exit points or disassemble the piano. Pets and children should also be kept away from the route to avoid accidents or piano damage.

For more information, contact professional piano or residential movers in your area.