Need To Use Climate Controlled Storage? Follow These Packing Tips

Posted on: 18 September 2019

Are you running out of space at home and needing to move things into storage? If so, you should follow the following tips that will help you best utilize your rented storage space.

Consider Everything Going Into Storage

The biggest mistake that you can make when using a storage unit is not thinking about everything that needs to go into it. You may run into a problem where you put things into storage as you go, only to discover that certain items will not fit or that you need to rearrange the items to make the space work. That's why you need to consider everything going into the storage unit before you start packing it, since it will really help with your overall organization. 

Use Shelves For Organization

Part of your organization plan may be to use shelves to keep things accessible. While stacking boxes on top of each other can be the most efficient use of space, it won't be easy to remove that one box on the bottom of the pile when the time comes. You can purchase some adjustable shelves for your storage unit that fit the exact height of the items going on it and then use the shelves to line the exterior walls or create aisles in the storage unit.

Use Space Within Items

Do you have any large items that have space to store things within them? This includes a refrigerator, a dresser with drawers, or even a large microwave. You may want to make the most of your storage space by using these spaces to store items. Just make sure not to pack the item full of stuff before moving it, since it will make the item incredibly heavy and difficult to move into your storage unit.

Store Wide Items Vertically

Items that are very wide may have a hard time fitting within your storage unit. You should try to store these items vertically so that they are making the most of the height of the storage unit. You can make a dining room table fit much easier if you can place it on its side rather than on the table legs. Mattresses will take up much less room if you store them upright rather than horizontally. 

Having trouble figuring out how to use your storage unit? Reach out to a climate controlled storage unit facility for advice on how to utilize your space better than you are.