Moving? Tips For Preparing Your Large Fish Tank

Posted on: 8 August 2018

Getting ready for a big move is not as simple as putting everything into boxes. Some items are too large to fit into a box and require special care for them to survive the move. Here are some tips for getting a large fish tank ready to move to your new home.

Removing All The Fish

You'll need to take the fish out of the fish tank before you start preparing the tank. While you could give the fish away and get new fish at your new location, you may want to take them with you. If so, you'll need to fill up a large 5-gallon bucket with similar water as was in the fish tank. Then you can safely put the fish into the bucket, and put a lid on it to prevent a spill from happening. Don't put the bucket in the moving truck with the other items, because it can get really hot back there. Instead, put the bucket in your own vehicle that is climate controlled with air conditioning.

Removing The Fish Tank Accessories

Start cleaning the fish tank by removing all of the accessories. This includes unplugging any overhead lights, removing the water filter and heater, and taking out any decorative items inside. These items can be cleaned and stored separately in a moving box with all of your fish tank items. If you have live plants, these can be placed in the large 5-gallon bucket with the fish.

Removing The Water

Large fish tanks will need to be drained using a siphon that will suck out the water and empty it into a nearby drain or a large bucket. You do not want to tip the tank on its side and dump all of the water out. You can risk dropping the large glass tank and breaking it, causing damage to the tank itself and injuring you in the process.

Packing The Tank

Chances are that you will not find a box big enough to put your large fish tank in. Instead, you will need to wrap the tank with bubble wrap so that it has some extra protection from being banged up along the move. Do not store anything in the large fish tank, especially when moving it. This can just add weight to the fish tank and cause it to become damaged easily.

For help moving large items like a fish tank, reach out to a local residential moving company.