Tips For Moving In The Middle Of A School Year

Posted on: 9 November 2017

Moving in the middle of the school year can be tough on the whole family. You must juggle your child's educational needs, your work schedule, and the move, often while dealing with foul winter weather. The following tips can help make the entire process a bit less stressful.

Tip #1: Choose a normal break

There is more than just summer break when it comes to the school year. Look for a break in the school schedule where a move is likely to be less invasive on your child's education. For example, try and move during the semester break or after winter or spring break. It's even better if you plan the move to coincide with the resuming of classes after a break at your child's new school. This way they are less likely to come into class in the middle of an ongoing lesson or project.

Tip #2: Keep a study area chaos-free

Moving can be chaotic at the best of times. If your child is trying to balance studies and activities with a move, it can quickly become too much. Set aside a space – it can be little more than a corner with a desk – for all school and activity related items. Your child can retreat to this space to study, as well as keep all of their school and activity supplies in this space so they don't accidentally end up packed prematurely. These items should also be packed last so you can quickly unpack them first when you arrive at your new home.

Tip #3: Bring in packers

Trying to pack for a move can be impossible when you are balancing school activities as well. It becomes increasingly difficult if you have more than one child or if you work outside the home. Bringing in packers to help load and label boxes can save time and effort. As an added benefit, you know everything is professionally packed so it is more likely to arrive at your new home in one piece.

Tip #4: Contact future teachers

Get in contact with your child's new school and teacher and find out if there are any special projects or home work that the class is doing. You can often get copies of this school work sent to you. Then, after unpacking your child's work area, they can work on these assignments while you and the movers unload and unpack the house. The added benefit is your child will enter their new classroom on par with their new classmates, which can help them integrate with their peers better.

Contact a moving company for more help.