Moving To A New Home With Young Children? Follow These Tips To Minimize Stress And Ease The Transition To A New Neighborhood

Posted on: 4 October 2017

Although moving is difficult for everyone, it is especially difficult for children. Moving often means switching schools and losing friendships, while being placed in an entirely unfamiliar environment. Moving also tends to occur along with other major life changes, such as a death in the family or a divorce, which adds to the stress factor of moving. That's why the most important thing about making the move easy for your child is to return to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible, so your child can quickly adjust to his or her new environment. These tips will help to reduce your child's anxiety about the moving process, which will bring you peace of mind, as well.

Explore The New Neighborhood Beforehand

Taking your child to see the new neighborhood, including the new house or apartment, is a great way to acclimate your child to the move and to develop a sense of excitement. Although it is much easier to do this if the new neighborhood is only a short distance away, you should still make an attempt to visit the area with your child, even if it requires an airplane flight. Look for child-friendly attractions, such as local museums or zoos, that will interest your child in the new location. You also have the opportunity to find delicious new places to eat as a family. Seeing the new place together before moving day begins is a great way to reduce the anxiety of moving for both you and your child.

Move Six Weeks Before The School Year Starts

If your child will be changing schools as a result of your move, you will need to consider the effects on his or her education and social development. It can be extremely difficult to integrate into a new school environment in the middle of the school year; your child's peers will have already formed social groups, and your child may have difficulty finding friends at school. Conversely, moving at the beginning of summer can leave your child bored, especially if the new neighborhood has few children around your child's age. This may cause your child to feel isolated in your new home. Considering these factors, it's best to move to a new area around six weeks before the new school year starts; this gives your child plenty of time to adjust to the new environment, without becoming bored from a lack of interaction with children near his or her age.

Hire A Moving Company For A Hassle-Free Move

A residential moving company gives you the chance to focus less on moving your furniture and allows you to spend more time with your child during the move. It also makes the entire moving process faster and allows you to quickly settle in to your new home. When you are moving, you will want to ensure that your child's belongings are packed in boxes of their own and are clearly labeled; once you arrive at your new home, your child's belongings should be unpacked first, and your child should help set up his or her new room with you.

In a similar manner, you should make all arrangements necessary to have utilities quickly turned on in your new home, perhaps even slightly before the move, if possible. It's important to return to normalcy quickly after the move, so your child will adjust to his or her new surroundings.

By selecting the right time to move and hiring a residential moving company to make the process simple, you can minimize the impact that a move will have on your child. Moving is a stressful time for every member of your family; keeping your child excited about the prospect of moving, and ensuring that there are no hassles along the way, will give every member of your family peace of mind.

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