Key Areas To Focus On Before Signing A Piano Moving Contract

Posted on: 15 October 2021

You have planned your move and after sorting through endless piano movers available, you have identified the right moving company for you. Before signing your contract, you understand it is necessary to read through it and understand it. But what are the key areas of the contract you should pay close attention to?

1. Services Included

Before signing the contract, go through the services section and check for the piano mover's list of services. Check whether their services meet your needs and requirements. 

For example, if you live in a building with multiple stories, check whether they offer hoisting services or if carrying the piano down the stairs is included in the contract. Check for the service you need since it will depend on your location and the area you are moving to. 

2. Licensing and Liability

As you review your contract with your preferred piano mover, pay close attention to the licensing and liability information. Ensure the company is registered and licensed. A licensed company is always professional and reliable. Therefore, contracting them could lead to better results.

You should also check their liability clause in the contract. Who will be held responsible if anything goes wrong during the move? How will any emerging disputes be settled, and do they have a worker's compensation policy? You wouldn't want to deal with the high cost of replacing broken piano parts if an accident happens during the relocation.

3. Obligations

After asking for quotations and choosing the right piano mover for you, it is essential to discuss the moving details further. It is advisable to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the company to ask questions and get detailed answers.

As a customer, it is essential to understand your responsibility during the moving process. For example, does the obligation of the mover end after arriving at your destination? Or will they help you settle in the house after moving? Understanding your obligation helps clear up misunderstandings during the move. If the discussion was verbal, ensure that the information is included in the contract.

Don't Shy to Ask for Help

For a successful working relationship with your piano mover, it is essential to read the contract and thoroughly understand everything stipulated in it. If you are unsure of some clauses in the contract, don't shy away from asking for help. Most piano movers will be happy to explain any clauses to you or answer any other questions.